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stairs into the hall, however, he heard a tap on the front door, then metallic clicks and the

grinding of the chain.

Every nerve in his body seemed to tauten: He pulled out his wand, moved into the raquel welch wigs spotlight

shadows beside the decapitated elf heads, and waited. The door opened: He saw a

glimpse of the lamplit square outside, and a cloaked figure edged into the hall and closed black hairpiece

the door behind it. The intruder took a step forward, and Moodys voice asked, Severus

Snape? Then the dust figure rose from the end of the hall and rushed him, raising its fascination wigs

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It was not I who killed you, Albus, said a quiet voice.

The jinx broke: The dust-figure exploded again, and it was impossible to make new wigs styles

out the newcomer through the dense gray cloud it left behind.

Harry pointed the wand into the middle of it.

Dont move!

He had forgotten the portrait of Mrs. Black: At the sound of his yell, the curtains

hiding her flew open and she began to scream, Mudbloods and filth dishonoring my

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