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Human Hair Extensions

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Maybe theyre only activated if he shows up? suggested Ron.

Yet they remained close together on the doormat, backs against the door, scared

to move farther into the house.

Well, we cant stay here forever, said Harry, and he took a step forward.

Severus Snape? women hair pieces crown

Mad-Eye Moodys voice whispered out of the darkness, making all three of them hat magic wig

jump back in fright. Were not Snape! croaked Harry, before something whooshed over hh switch

him like cold air and his tongue curled backward on itself, making it impossible to speak. clip-on bun hairpiece

Before he had time to feel inside his mouth, however, his tongue had unraveled again. were to buy wigs

The other two seemed to have experienced the same unpleasant sensation. Ron

was making retching noises; Hermione stammered, That m-must have b-been the T-

Tongue-Tying Curse Mad-Eye set up for Snape!

Gingerly Harry took another step forward. Something shifted in the shadows at

the end of the hall, and before any of them could say another word, a figure had risen up

out of the carpet, tall, dust-colored, and terrible; Hermione screamed and so did Mrs.

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