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Human Hair Extensions

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scene stealer wig by raquel welch

were now standing in the middle of a familiar small and shabby square. Tall, dilapidated

houses looked down on them from every side. Number twelve was visible to them, for

they had been told of its existence by Dumbledore, its Secret-Keeper, and they rushed beverly johnson hair pieces

toward it, checking every few yards that they were not being followed or observed. They hair pieces buns blonde

raced up the stone steps, and Harry tapped the front door once with his wand. They heard raquel welch wigs upstage

a series of metallic clicks and the clatter of a chain, then the door swung open with a runway fashion wig

creak and they hurried over the threshold.

As Harry closed the door behind them, the old-fashioned gas lamps sprang into jolie wigs

life, casting flickering light along the length of the hallway. It looked just as Harry

remembered it: eerie, cobwebbed, the outlines of the house-elf heads on the wall

throwing odd shadows up the staircase. Long dark curtains concealed the portrait of

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