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covered the pictures on the walls and the beds headboard; a spiders web stretched

between the chandelier and the top of the large wooden wardrobe, and as Harry moved

deeper into the room, he head a scurrying of disturbed mice. raquel welch wigs upstage

The teenage Sirius had plastered the walls with so many posters and pictures that

little of the walls silvery-gray silk was visible. Harry could only assume that Siriuss jolie wigs

parents had been unable to remove the Permanent Sticking Charm that kept them on the

wall because he was sure they would not have appreciated their eldest sons taste in wig care human hair

decoration. Sirius seemed to have long gone out of his way to annoy his parents. There

were several large Gryffindor banners, faded scarlet and gold just to underline his

difference from all the rest of the Slytherin family. There were many pictures of Muggle

motorcycles, and also (Harry had to admire Siriuss nerve) several posters of bikini-clad

Muggle girls. Harry could tell that they were Muggles because they remained quite wigs by ken paves

stationary within their pictures, faded smiles and glazed eyes frozen on the paper. This

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