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demonstrating even the slightest sign of magical ability. It seems clear, therefore, that wigs for prom

Kendra made a decision to hide her daughters existence rather than suffer the shame

of admitting that she had produced a Squib. Moving away from the friends and donating wigs for cancer patients

neighbors who knew Ariana would, of course, make imprisoning her all the easier.

The tiny number of people who henceforth knew of Arianas existence could be wigs for prom

counted upon to keep the secret, including her two brothers, who had deflected hairdo 23 wrap around pony

awkward questions with the answer their mother had taught them. My sister is too

frail for school. top piece human hair

Next week: Albus Dumbledore at Hogwarts C the Prizes and the Pretense.

Harry had been wrong: What he had read had indeed made him feel worse. He

looked back at the photograph of the apparently happy family. Was it true? How could he

find out? He wanted to go to Godrics Hollow, even if Bathilda was in no fit state to talk

to him: he wanted to visit the place where he and Dumbledore had both lost loved ones.

He was in the process of lowering the newspaper, to ask Rons and Hermiones opinions,

when a deafening crack echoed around the kitchen.

For the first time in three days Harry had forgotten all about Kreacher. His

immediate thought was that Lupin had burst back into the room, and for a split second, he

did not take in the mass of struggling limbs that had appeared out of thin air right beside

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